The Feds Are Coming

So it was May of 2004 and I had a bad feeling that trouble was brewing in relation to what I was doing at Millennium pharmacy. I took off for Atlantic City and in one weekend won over two hundred grand on the slots which I had learned to make profitable using my own methods. I told Mary Anne that we should sell the pharmacy and move to Florida. She didn’t buy into my feelings and wanted to stay in New York. As time progressed the feeling that the proverbial wolves were at my door was manifesting itself as a growing pain in the pit of my stomach. By October I was in a frenzy, life had become a roller coaster of ups and downs.

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Another weekend trip to Atlantic City had brought me another sixty thousand and a friend of mine and I went home in style. As the limo brought us home I would have to hustle back out right away to open up the pharmacy. I jumped in my Cadillac and placed the money on the passenger side of the car with the placard for winning. As i left my house I noticed that an old Datsun, white with blacked out windows seemed to be following me. When I pulled up to an intersection I decided to pass the red light and sure enough that car behind me did the same. As I turned on to the Bronx River Parkway, they did the same. I would get off at the Kimball Avenue exit and at the first traffic light I came to I checked again. Sure enough, four cars back there was that same suspicious Datsun.

When the light changed to green, I decided to go back on the highway and as I expected, they followed.Now completely aggravated I had it. I called my wife an told her to go to the vault and get my 9mm Glock. I told her I was coming home because I was being followed. I did have a carry permit for it in case you’re wondering.


When I reached home, my wife was on the steps with the gun lowered in her hand. I told her to throw the gun to me but she did not. Just as i turned I saw the door open and a man stepped out with a badge in his hand. He said “Mr. Mancini what the hell are you doing?” I distinctly remember calling him an idiot at that point. I went around to the passenger side of my car and opened the door to show the money and the placard to the officer. He apologized to me then, saying he wasn’t aware I had that much cash in the car with me. We went inside and I noticed that he was looking at everything in my home, almost surveying the place.

The officer told me that the reason he had been following me is because I had bought my car from Dick Gidron Cadillac and there had been a rash of their cars having been stolen after purchase and my car was on a list. They wanted to put a special device to monitor the car in case it was stolen, but this gave me a red alert right away. Something wasn’t right but I gave them the car to do whatever they wanted with and told them to keep it near my house. I had three other cars to choose from to get around so it wouldn’t put me out all that much. They would never find anyone that wanted to steal my car. I knew I wouldn’t be using it myself ever again, since I would always figure it was wired.

It was November, the day after the elections at around ten in the morning when it happened. I was in the pharmacy with my one of my workers, Necha a woman seventy-five years young and my wife Mary Anne. They came with twenty officers with full vests and weapons drawn .”Mr. Mancini, where is your gun?” They asked as they frisked me. I told them it was home in a safe and one of them said “Good, we heard you are a great shot”. That told me right away whatever I had been feeling was one hundred percent right. They would bring in a big computer to download all my information from my computer. They had me sit in a seat on the right side of the store my wife in a seat on the left side of the store, separating us, and had Necha standing at the register. After about an hour a young officer asked Necha if she would like a seat. She answered no with the biggest grin I had ever seen. He asked her what was so funny. Necha replied, “You see this man sitting here (which was me)? He is the biggest pain in my ass every day until today, today you have him quiet. But by the end of the day you will be cursing him in four languages because he will get the best of you.” As she was speaking, one of the officers in the back said “I found it!” I wondered to myself what the hell had they found?

As they brought me to the back I saw that they found twenty grand In two equal bundles with the Hilton Hotel band around them. I told them what you found is money that I have won in Atlantic City! They were taking pictures of the money when they heard me, and they stopped and looked puzzled, realizing they had nothing. I couldn’t help but smile despite myself at the looks on their faces. After six hours in the pharmacy they had found nothing on me, but they had downloaded the files on the computer which would lead to my eventual incarceration .

I then told how I had legitimately won the money in Atlantic City. That’s when i knew it was a fix they said they already knew about Atlantic City. They told me he officer at my house the day they’d been following me nearly shit in his pants when he saw me asking for the gun. It seemed like they all knew the story and were laughing about it and I laughed along with them, even though I knew that all these months my feelings were right and they had been investigating me. That day they would not arrest me, though they told me to be in the federal plaza the next morning with my lawyer at ten sharp.

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