The Twin Towers & Premonitions

In life there is always the person in the Neighborhood that has a ability to predict the future. Well in this case it is me “I have a book coming out called THE PHARMACIST which I will go to great lengths to show you just what i can do.Right now surfice  to understand that everything on these blogs are 100% corrected and at least a few people can verify the events. The year was 2001 .It was the last Thursday  prior to Labor day. I was with my wife going to New York to see Chinatown .Every thursday I would get lunch for the workers of Millenium Pharmacy.The Chinese have great soy sauce chicken and boneless roast pork hanging in the windows .Well that’s what i brought back to Mt. Vernon every week.This particular day was a beautiful sunny day where  you can see for miles and miles.I was on the passenger side of the car as my wife drove home.What i saw scared the crap out of me as I was looking at the Twin Towers I saw a plane hit the Towers 2/3 of the way up . I told my wife maryanne as we had just past them .Did you see that ,she answered ‘SEE  What?

I told her what i saw she told me that I am out of my mind. Even though she knew then as she knows now when I see something or dream something iy somehow happens within a few days.Over the next few days I told anyone I spoke too .What i had seen they all did not believe me .I went to my wife again .I am going to call the FBI or the police .Each time I was calling she said “John stop it people will think you are nuts I understand your dreams But you saw yourself this was in real life not dreams”.Well i would not stop I was sure something was going to happen.This went on throughout the weekend and Labor Day.It became so bad that she told me we will go see someone because you are going nuts.

Well that faithful Tuesday came and I went to work in the store.It was about 9A.M. Necha the woman who works for me screams John put on the news as I did all my senses tingled .As the picture on the T.V. went on I saw what I had seen only days before.The picture had the Towers inthe middle of the t.v. with 2/3 of the way up smoke coming out of it it was horrible.I quickly called my wife and as she answered her cell.I repeated what i was seeing on the television”‘John stop this please you really are going nuts” I answered “Nuts go to 1010 wins as she did she heard what I was seeing. She then said DEAR GOD I can not believe what i am hearing. What I had seen only a few days before had become true.

In January of 2005 another weird thing would happen.We had built a beautiful house in Wappinger Falls ,N.Y. on Monday evening I  Had a dream of my daughter Victoria who at the time was 7 falling down the spiral staircase from upstairs to downstairs and not getting hurt.I told my wife what I  had dreamed and I told her please keep and eye on Victoria.Sure enough as I went too work only a few hours later I would get a call .She would tell me that Victoria playing with the dog on the top of the steps would tumble headfirst to the bottom of the steps without getting hurt.Maryanne I said “When will you ever believe me”

The next night the dream would be even better.In the dream I was in a Lotto store and asked the owner what was last nights numbers. He told me 555 I then said ‘I played 5555 I can not belive 555 came in .The owner replied no the number was5555 you hit the number.I woke up from that dream with the idea This time I got you. Everyone I spoke too I told the dream too.So Wensday morning I put $100.00 on 5555 in the NY State pick 4.nothing happened that night I put the same with the same results. On Thursday in the morning I put$50.00 with no result at night we were having company and as we were getting ready to eat .I realized I had not played the number so i ran to The gas station and played but it was just about 7.30 and I only got $25.00 on5555 .Well you as a reader must know I hit the number for $125,000.00 Also 2 other people who believed in my dreams also hit the number.The reason I wrote this passage is because it will show the reader when I feel or dream something somehow it becomes true.

Finally to the reader I was born in Italy and my english speaking and writing is suspect.So when I told my first Wife Betty back when i was 23 .Honey I am later on in life going to go to college (4years in jail) and when I come out I am going to write a book that will be a best seller.That best seller is yet to come true but I am on my way.

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