february 14,1992 A DAY TO REMEMBER

That morning I had a dream that on the other side of my pharmacy was a funeral home.I saw my porche 928 outside it .As I got closer to the funeral Home i heard a lot of crying.When i went in to the home I saw my brother Carl crying with my mother and father in front of a beautiful coffin .As i looked inside the person in the coffin was me.I immediately got up from a bad dream.MY first wife betty asked me why was i screaming.I told her.She knew i was clairvoyant and was scared she said John please be careful watch yourself for the next few days I am afraid.So was I.I went to work at camlot my pharmacy.Not knowing what would happen.I at the same time owned a sports betting service and around 10 am a very good friend of mine TOMMY LEE came to collect 2000 dollars that he had won on the SUPERBOWL. As we were talking my worker CORRINE started screaming she said JOHN the man near your Russell Stovers candies is stealing them in his coat .As me and lee saw this beast of a man about 6 ft 7 wearing a big trench coat was placing 2lb boxes of candies in his coat .When I saw him I started to run as fast as i can as did Tommie .The man shoved Corrine a 85 year old women who was trying to stop him.That got me madder He ran across the street where in my dream was that funeral home and just got into and old 4 door Caddy.As he locked his door and was smiling.Me an idiot decided to jump into the air and with my left foot first hit his window .I hit the window so hard i shattered it and my left foot was so high i shattered the window and my leg went and broke his dashboard .With my foot in his broken dashboard and my balls on the door and my right foot outside.This prick decided to start the car and but his car in drive and put his foot to the metal from 0 to 50 for sure.Thank God with my left arm I put it around that pricks head.As he was going I was slamming his head as hard as i can.My right foot was grinding on the outside sidewalk at over 50 miles an hour.We went about 4 blocks before THANK GOD we hit a traffic light which turned red. All i rememner if io stop hitting his face i DIE .As we were at the light that man started crying PLEASE PLEASE I am sorry stop hitting me please. WITH MY FIST covered in blood.I said I will let your head go when you help me get my foot out of your dashboard.He helped me get my foot out as he also helped me out of my awkward position/I looked at my bloody right fist I now saw i had broken his jaw if not his whole face you cannot blame me > looked my right foot there was no more soul on my shoe the sock was also gone i was gliding on foot only no wonder it was hot.That bastard would hand me 16 boxes of 2lb chocolates as i started to walk back to my pharmacy 4 blocks away i saw over 100 people who had seen this sight .Limping home I realized that dream had almost come true. Wait for the book

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