Atlantic city

Well this started after i read a book called THE FRUGAL GAMBLER.I was about a woman who made a living in Las Vegas and afterwords in AC by playing the one arm bandits and getting credit for hotel rooms,dinners,plus everything under the sun.The year was 2004 Memorial day.Me and my family were going to Atlantic City.I felt that after reading that book I could beat the machines.My theory was to use cash and credits to play the limit on the machine.Feeling that the brain of the machine would not realize I was playing the top limit of the machine therefore giving me a jackpot.As my wife watched I went to a 25 dollar machine and put a 25 dollar coin in and played 2 credits.For the machine took 3 coins in total for maximum payout.Next I would put 2 twenty five dollar coins and 1 credit.Never would i put all coins or all credits.Within 30 minutes I hit my first jackpot of 25,000.00 dollars.I then went to another machine in which would have a bigger payout.The machines maximum payout was 169,000.00 dollars for 2 twenty five dollar coins.Using the same method I put one coin in and pressed the button for one credit.I played the machine about 2 hours just about giving me my money in fact i was down about 7500 dollars.I was just about going upstairs to my suite when it happened.First 5 min earlier i got mad at my wife saying she was bad luck so go to bed and she did.She had just gotten upstairs when i called her giving her the news i had won the jackpot 169,000.00 dollars.When she ran down to her amazement there was a big crowd around the machine .The casino pit boss asked me how did I want the money.I told him a check for 100,000.00 dollars and 69,000.00 in cash.Me and my wife took pictures next to the machine and the casino said it would take about 30 minutes to get my money.I kissed my wife goodbye as she went to bed it was 3 am .I had to wait so I thought to myself try my method on the 100 machine it takes 3 coins so 300 a pop.The person who was just on the machine lost 20,000.00 in a few minutes.Using my method of my coins to credit idea i quickly lost 1000 dollars.I put another 1000 in my hand lets try again on the last spin the machine went nuts i hit the jackpot 100,000.00 dollars I called my wife she was just in bed she thought i was lying as she came down not only was there a tremendous crowd .My friends the police and gaming authority came.They checked me all over for magnets,gadgets even checked my jewelry .They found nothing wrong.I then told them the other 100,000.00 give me in a check.Iwaited for all the money and went to bed.That weekend i would take home almost 300,000.00 dollars.The rest read the book coming out soon THE PHARMACIST

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