The Incident December 17,2009 At about 12am

The week prior to Christmas the year 2009 was a wild one.For one I was Graduating the drug program in the hardest unit of the hardest program in the federal prison today.Once I graduated I would be able to get out of federal prison 12 months prior to my due date.The reason for this in my case There was 2,000,000 Million pills missing of Vicodin from a period of 1/2000 to 12/2004 .I said I had eaten them.Which is 994 Vicodin a day for 5 years.So the judge ordered me evaluated with a federal Psychiatrist in the court room the doctor said “Your honor I firmly believe that Mr. Mancini ate 994 Pills a day for 5 years” The Judge Robinson under his breath would say “I Do Not Believe A word you have just said” Judge Robinson then asked me to get up and asked me a question”Mr Mancini you heard the testimony of the doctor is this true or not”.I stood up and in a clear voice said”Your Honor if the Psychiatrist says I ate them.Then your Honor I must have eating them.With that testimony you could see the anger in the face of Robinson .No one man can eat that amount of Vicodin for 1 day let alone everyday for 5 years.His liver would blow up.The judge then asked the arresting officers who were DEA,FBI,and westchester officers if they had given me drug testing when I was arrested .They had Not.So finally Robinson Enhanced a 24 months sentence to 72 months knowing that I might be able to get a year back plus my pharmacy license back because of drug self use. Going forward on December 18,2009 It came to be I was graduating And would be coming back To New York 12 months ahead of time.Which would end up Being June 8 2010 .The day started at 6.30 am with the news that Bernard Madoff had been beaten up extremely severely.Jonathan Pollard was at breakfast and told me that it seems that the DC group of black men had beaten Bernie.One of the DC men was his roommate Paris .Joanathan who is one of the biggest prisoners in the American secrets to Israel.You can read all about him on My site”MADOFFUNCUFFED” Jonathan said that he was so beaten up that blood was every where and that his clothes were sent to laundry Immediately.Bernie right now is in the hospital at Butner.Probably never to return.A friend of mine who heard the conversation said “John it is true they carried Bernie out by stretcher early this morning”.I was pissed my friend beat up by pricks will not happen while I am in here.So I told Jonathan find out who I will make sure it never happens again to anyone. Within The hour there was stories running without merit of the Bernie Incident.I went to Bernies good friend in Clemson.Who Would really tell me the whole story a story which even today no one knows until this writing. That Thursday evening around 8PM Bernie would go get his medication which he took to help him sleep and not to have depression.The drug Is Remeron that night they added Sinequan to help him sleep better not knowing that both drugs together have a enhancing effected of sleep and drowsiness.Bernie went to sleep at 9Pm but around 12 Am had to take a piss.Left his room to go to the bathroom.Guards who were at the time making their rounds saw Bernie and told him go to the bathroom then stay there for he was out of bounds.Bernie after going felt dizzy and tried to hold on at the water fountain but the drugs had made him to sleepy .His head would first hit the fountain causing his body to buckle.There is a pipe that comes off the fountain his ribs hit that and he came face first slamming to a cement floor.The damages His glasses which were made out of steel dug into his eye brow giving him a tremendous cut above his eye.He would break his nose.Some ribs.All in all his face was a mess.Later the first day after the fall the Government knowing that the press would rule this a beat up sent Bernie to Duke hospital in North Carolina.Where he was questioned about the incident repeatedly .The government never would answer the Presses questions because they were at fault giving him those two medications. What also happened that Bernies Roommate everyone thought stole his radio and sweats and sold them for proifit .Although He denied this I in fact gave Bernie My headphones so he could see television. I would not see Bernie for 2 weeks after Christmas he was back on the compound his glasses were now made of plastic no more metal .His face looked like a boxer who had lost the fight but all in all he was his arrogant self.We laughed the incident away.

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